Rough Ryder 12pc Carving Knife Set

SKU: RR641

Price: $49.75

Set includes:

  • KN11 Skew Knife
  • KN12 Cutting Knife
  • KN13 Detail Knife
  • KN14 Roughing Knife
  • KN15 Chip Carving Knife
  • KN18 Pelican Knife
  • KN19 Mini-Pelican Knife
  • KN20 Mini-Chip Knife
  • KN26 Right-Handed Hook Knife
  • KN27 Mini-Detail Knife
  • KN28 Upsweep Knife
  • KN31 Mini-Detail Skew Knife
  • KN32 Detail Skew Knife
  • KN33 Hooked Push Knife
  • KN34 Skewed Detail Knife
  • KN35 Fine Detail Knife
  • KN36 Radius Knife
  • KN37 Hooked Skew Knife
  • Wooden storage box.
Features high carbon steel blades and wood handles.
Set features the most extensive collection of fixed blade carving knives in the industry to give carvers a wide range of capabilities in one economical package.
This set includes 18 razor-sharp carving knives designed for roughing to very detailed carving projects.
Mail-in offer included in each set for a FREE 18 Pocket Tool Roll! ($30 Value) - Additional Knives NOT included with Free Tool Roll.
Made in the USA.