Wood mosaic is an ancient handicraft that has been part of the Damascene heritage for more than 300 years. It consists of diverse types of wood assembled and inlayed with seashells forming various geometrical patterns.

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This handmade wood mosaic consist of pieces of wood, connected by rubber. The material can be used for a multitude of applications, such as wall- and floor covering, bathmats, placemats and coasters. The mosaics are water-repellant, UV-resistant, and durable.

Wooden mosaics can be really mesmerizing.
Although there are gorgeous wooden mosaics that are timeless, you do not have to be a sixteenth century mosaic craftsman to incorporate these beauties into your own home.
From larger spaces to smaller pieces of art, you just can not go wrong with these gorgeous pieces.
Mosaics come in a vareity of shapes and sizes.