Wood Tools
Carving Knife - Also known as a chip carving knife and is a style of carving in which knives chisels are used to remove small chips of the material from a flat surface in a single piece.

Carving Chisels - In addition to carving knives, beginners will want to have a variety of chisels to work with. Chisels are very sharp wood carving tools that are typically used with a hammer or mallet to chip or rough material away. There are a wide variety of wood carving chisels to choose from. Some have an edge on the left or right side. Others have edges on both sides.

Carving Gouges - Wood carving gouges are very similar to chisels; however, they have a curved cutting edge rather than a flat one. Unlike chisels, gouges are designed to carve grooves without the corners of the tool digging into the wood. They remove excess wood quickly, especially from a flat surface, where the corners of a flat chisel would dig in.

V Carving Tools - Similar to gouges, V wood carving tools are designed to carve grooves. As the name suggests, however, these tools have a V-shaped cutting edge. When hit or pushed through the wood, the cutting edge creates a thin groove in the wood. It is great for lines and small details in the design of a wood carving project.

Whittling Knives - Whittling is a popular style of wood carving that has been around for ages. Whittling does not require numerous tools, nor does it require a lot of space to execute the style of carving. It simply involves taking a piece of wood and using a specially designed carving knife to achieve a particular design. The simplicity of this wood carving style allows just about anyone to start whittling with little to no experience.